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Rush for the Cup Tournament

The annual Rush for the Cup tournament is a tournament that attracts teams from talent rich Washington D.C. metro area and Region 1.

We take pride in sponsoring teams of all levels and believe that all players should have the opportunity to play soccer in a tournament.  This tournament is a great opportunity  for boys and girls to develop their soccer, teamwork and leadership skills.


Age Groups

· Challenge Divisions: boys and girls age groups that primarily play in Division 2 thru 6 or equivalent skill level of travel soccer.

· Champions Divisions: boys and girls age groups that play in Division 1 / premier leagues.


· All games will be held at the Maryland SoccerPlex.

  All teams will play 3 games with 50 to 80 minute in length depending on the age bracket.

·  Championship games will be played at the SoccerPlex on Sunday.

·  Most teams will play two 50 or 60 minute games on Saturday and one game on Sunday morning.

·  Saturday Night games will be played at the SoccerPlex artificial turf fields and a few of the lit grass fields.

· Games will start at 8am on Saturday and Sunday.

Rules (See Tournament Rules for complete details)

· All games are played in accordance with FIFA except as specifically modified and approved by the State of Maryland.

· A full set of Tournament rules are on available on this web site.