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Rush for the Cup Tournament

1. Is there a guaranteed number of games played? 

Yes, barring any unforeseen bad weather, you will have a minimum of 3 games.

2. Will any of our games be played on a non-SoccerPlex  field? 

No, we do not have any offsite fields.

3. We have several teams we would like to enter into the tournament.  Will the games be scheduled so our coach can be at all the games?

We try to schedule around coaches that have multiple teams in the tournament. Sometimes we can't resolve all conflicts and coaches will have overlapping games. In order to assist in the scheduling process, please ensure the tournament applications for teams that have the same coach list the coaches name identically.

4.  When will game schedules be posted?
Game schedules will be posted online around August 1st. All schedules are subject to change and teams need to check the online schedule immediately before the tournament for last minute changes.

5 What's the youngest team that can play in the Tournament?

Youths born 2007 will be the youngest team that can play in the Tournament. 

6 Our U16 team played in the Tournament  last year and we would like to play again this year. Are we too old?

No, the tournament accepts team up until age 19.

7. Our high school aged team has conflicts with high school soccer. What do we do?

The tournament offers evening and night games for a limited number of teams. However, the tournament doesn't guarantee that all games can be scheduled to accommodate high school soccer schedules. Please have your players check with their high school coaches for practice schedules.

8. I lost my soccer ball at the tournament. Did anyone turn it in?

If your name was on the ball, there's a very slim chance that it may have been turned in. Please check at the Tournament Headquarters and if after the tournament, please contact the Tournament Director.